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Finding your Heavenly Spouse does not have to be a chore. OMS will guide and care for you.


the name: Cheon Il Guk Incorporated


Cheon Il Guk: The meaning of this Korean word is that “two become one.” In other words, it indicates unity, harmonization, reconciliation, cooperation and oneness in heart and mind. Cheon Il Guk is a nation of peace that transcends geographical boundaries, as well as boundaries of nationality, ethnicity, race and religion. True Mother – March 1, 2015

Business Philosophy

In a world becoming ever more global, individuals who wish to create marriages that overcome the boundaries of race and culture will expedite the ability of humanity to establish a world of peace. Learning others’ cultures and ways of thinking will eliminate the fear of the unknown and make human beings less likely to wage war based on fear and ignorance. The advancement of world communications is making it possible for families to have a global impact on the future of humankind.

Our Motto

Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist
when it ceases to serve.

What is:

The Online Matching System

Online Matching System (OMS) is a service provided by Cheon Il Guk Incorporated to any individual who seeks the Marriage-Blessing by the True Parents.

This same service is also provided to the Blessing Family Departments of the Unification Movement worldwide, that they may support and help their members find their Heavenly Spouses.

OMS works in conjunction with the various Blessing Family Departments of the Unification Movement worldwide and does not override their authority.

OMS is simply a tool to facilitate your process.

This site has one goal and one goal only:

to help you find your Heavenly Spouse.

  • With honor
  • With respect
  • With ethics
  • With the utmost privacy


do we serve?

  • Candidates who seek the Marriage-Blessing of the True Parents.
  • Their Matching Team (parents, advisors, advocates, and best friends)
  • The staff of Unificationist Blessing Family Departments worldwide
  • The staff of other religious groups who wish to help their members reach the goal of finding their ideal spouse



should one use OMS?

OMS encourages any individual seeking their Heavenly Spouse with whom they will attend a future Marriage-Blessing, to register through all available online websites for that purpose.


OMS has specific features that benefit both the Candidate and the Matching Team in their search.

Two type of profiles and the Anonymous Messaging System. These two features are presently only available on OMS.


for everyone

Every step


—we will take care of you!


Prepare yourself

from the inside, become a candidate first.


Create a great profile

Essay questions are most important.


Search safely!

It takes time...But you will find your heavenly spouse, in God's time.

Our Greatest Features are:

two levels of profiles and the Anonymous Messaging System

Limited Profile

will safeguard your privacy

and will show only:

  • Country of residence, Nationality, Age
  • Education and work (present and history)
  • Previous marriages and/or Blessings
  • Children
  • Answers to all the essay questions

Full Profile

when the time is right

this profile will reveal:

  • Name, email address, and phone # of Candidate
  • Physical location
  • Matching Advisor/Supporter and/or parents' names
  • Pictures

Anonymous messages

Candidate-to-Candidate and Parent-to-Parent

You will be able to email anonymously and ask the important questions

One Small Team

with great BIG talent!

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Received December 10, 2020, from a Candidate who is now blessed

Dear Anne-Marie,

Have I ever told you that I didn’t expect that I could have blessing again, until my matching advisor introduced me to OMS. I felt it provided such an amazing method that encouraged me to try. OMS has helped me to step into the journey God prepared for me and you are the person who worked it.

I love the well-thought-out matching plan. I'm also grateful for the matching supporters of both sides, they did an excellent job to help us find each other and inspires me to join the matching supporter team to work with you.