to everyone with special needs

The Marriage-Blessing is a gift the True Parents are offering to everyone.

This site would like to facilitate the ability of individuals with unique needs to find their Heavenly Spouse. In some cases, these individuals can do the work on their own and live a very full life independently with a spouse. In other cases, it will not be possible. Whatever the situation, all Special Needs Candidates and their parents are welcome!

The Marriage-Blessing

—our most sacred sacrament

For Unificationists, the Marriage-Blessing is the most sacred sacrament. Parents who have adult children with extreme challenges may very well still want their child to receive the Marriage-Blessing. The Online Matching System wants to support such families by providing a venue where they can meet and talk.

We have families across the world with adult children who might be severely challenged. It may never be possible for these individuals to live independently outside of a full-time care team. Some may not be even able to recognize their own situation. However, each of them is still precious and their lives should be honored. Offering the Marriage Blessing through their family is a gift that should not be withheld. That is why this service is offered—With gratitude and love.

A few Q & A


How long is it going to take to find a suitable spouse?

Finding a spouse is neither a race nor a competition. Rushing and skipping part of the process won’t help. Regardless of one’s age and circumstance, the best way to find one’s heavenly spouse is to start at the beginning and overcome each obstacle as they come. It is important to keep focus and not put the tasks that are required on the back burner. At some point you will find yourself having to answer important questions about who you are, your faith, your family vision, and so on. Your essays are possibly the most important papers you will write in your whole life. Do it well and do it truthfully.

If you want me to give you a time frame, I would estimate six months to several years. In our experience, that is what it will take from the time you are a Candidate, not from the time you are thinking about becoming one. Please remember, you are not alone. None of us are. You have a plan for your life, so does God, our Heavenly Parent. Do your part so that God can do His part.

Why the privacy?

Searching for a life partner is not an easy thing to do. Both sides have to be truthful about personal situations in regards to physical, mental, and social abilities as well as health. It is not possible to easily or deeply share that kind of information with a “stranger.” Such personal life details can be shared once a feeling of trust has been established. Anonymity can serve such trust building.

During a preliminary search, Candidates and their parents (if parents are involved) will have the option to read what OMS calls a Candidate’s “Limited Profile.” A Limited Profile does not reveal the identity of the candidate but, if well written, should provide enough information to give the reader a pretty good idea of the person’s character. The ability to ask questions about a Limited Profile via a private and secure anonymous email system is necessary to keep both sides honest and without the fear of being “discovered.”

That is the difference between OMS and the other systems available at this time.

The ability to request a Full Profile is another important focus. Once a Full Profile has been granted by the other party, both sides will focus on what the Family Matching Handbook refers to as the “Introduction Phase.” If, after some time, both parties no longer wish to continue the relationship, they can both simply email OMS of that intention. OMS will then reset each Candidate’s file so that the search for a different person can begin.

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