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In May of 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved Cheon Il Guk Incorporated (CIGI) to receive donations.
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Tax ID #: 45-2426896
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What we have done so far...

OMS means that both candidates found their spouse by working through OMS.

OMS/BFM means that one candidate was registered with OMS and the other one was not.

BFM means that both candidates found each other through other means.

Our Wish List


If money was no object

We would do what we do today, but we would do it faster, smarter, and therefore we would serve our worldwide community more efficiently.

Matching Advisors

At this present time all Matching Advisors in the United States are volunteers.  They give their time and love as much as they can while still holding down jobs and/or taking care of a family.

We will always need these precious volunteers, however, in addition to them, money permitting we would want to have a few dedicated and very qualified Matching Advisors to serve full-time as their paid occupation.  This would permit a better education of our volunteers therefore providing a better service to our candidates and their families as well as to the ever expanding groups who seek the Marriage Blessing.


If money had not been an object, translations of the Family Matching Handbook and Finding the One handbook would already be done, in French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German and other languages.

These handbooks would be shipped and/or given to continents like Africa, South America, and Oceania.  There, we have a multitude of very dedicated young people who are genuinely eager to receive the Marriage Blessing.


Sending qualified Matching Advisors to various countries to explain the latest in the matching and blessing process would also be done.  Emphasize on expanding the knowledge of God's principles goes hand-in-hand with wanting to prepare every individual who seeks the Marriage Blessing to receive it.

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Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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