who are Advocates?

A candidate's best friends and cheerleaders

It's easy

Even if you are not computer literate, you will be able to use OMS to keep track of the Candidates who seek your support. You will also be able to search for a potential spouse just like the Candidate does. If the Candidate is still an Applicant, you can follow the progress of their profile by going to "PrintView" in OMS.

As an advocate, you do not need to register on OMS. The Candidate will be the one who will enter your name and email address in the database. If they do so, OMS will send a notification and you will receive a welcome email from OMS directly.

It's private

OMS has been live since October 2010. The privacy of our Candidates is paramount to the well-being of this website and its services. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me (Anne-Marie Mylar) directly.

It's teamwork

As an Advocate, you are part of the Matching Team of the Candidate. Other people will include a Matching Advisor and the parents in the case of Blessed Children. A candidate has only one matching advisor, usually, but can have several Advocates. Stay connected with each other on a regular basis to support, guide, and pray for your Candidate.

What is the Difference between a Matching Advisor and an Advocate?

  • A Matching Advisor is a person who is willing to take the responsibility to guide an individual from preparation for the Matching and Blessing, all the way to a successful Blessing. Matching Supporters are trusted with very private information and educated by the Blessing Family Departments to fulfill this responsibility. They have to keep themselves up-to-date on all the Matching and Blessing requirements and must have common sense and great sensitivity about the privacy of other people.
  • In the USA, Matching Advisors work with local representatives of the BFM and with local pastors. However, pastors and BFM representatives (also called BFM coordinators) are not necessarily Matching Advisors. Applicants should relate to a Matching Advisor whom they trust and who knows them well.
  • An Advocate is someone who knows a Candidate well. An Advocate should be able to vouch for the integrity and the character of the Candidate. An Advocate is not a Matching Advisor and does not have to go through the trainings. An Advocate can help the Matching Advisor because he or she understands a Candidate's qualifications and background. An Advocate and the Matching Advisor help the Candidate in their search for a potential match.


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