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It is with gratitude for our ever-growing ACLC membership that OMS offers a place where one can search for a spouse of like mind, heart, and aspiration. Building bridges between religions through the Marriage-Blessing of the True Parents is one of the many ways we can appreciate our differences and focus on the godly principles that many religions advocate.

The Marriage-Blessing that began with Rev. Moon's own followers has expanded to become an interreligious affirmation of the universal importance of marriage and family, more fundamental than our various faith traditions. Since 1992, clergy and members from many faiths have participated in the International and Interreligious Marriage-Blessing Ceremony. Married couples participate to rededicate their love to God and each other, renewing their marriage on the foundation of true love and Blessing that True Parents have brought to the world.

A few Q & A

These questions and answers are listed in "Finding the One" a handbook about the matching and blessing published by the Blessing and Family Ministry of the USA.

If I am of another faith and interested in receiving the Blessing with a Unificationist?

Yes! The guidelines in this handbook are extremely helpful for anyone seeking to be matched and Blessed. If you are of another faith seeking to be Matched with a member of the Unificationist community, contact the local Unification Movement Pastor. They will be happy to assist you in finding and selecting a Matching Advisor. Your Advisor will guide you to qualify as a Candidate and develop your personal matching plan. They will assist you, connect you to the Online Matching System, and support you in finding your eternal spouse.

If I want to be Blessed to someone of another faith?

Yes! If you have decided to marry outside of your own faith yet you still wish to be Blessed this handbook is for you. You understand the value that the Blessing holds and you are choosing to share that with your future eternal spouse. This is a beautiful gift, and we are honored to have your future spouse as a part of our growing family.

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