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The role of a Matching Advisor:

Become educated in the process, best practices, and available tools of Matching. Thoroughly know the Matching handbooks. Be certified as a Matching Supporter. Be technically savvy with the OMS, Matchbook and the BFD international websites. Be a guide through the process for parents, BCs, church leaders and new members. Matching Advisors may choose to specialize in one or more categories: Blessed Children (BC), First Generation (1G), International (Int) and more...

Characteristics of a good Matching Advisor:

  • Feels called by God to this mission
  • Good listener - to Candidates and families
  • Well-connected with communities
  • Trustworthy
  • Respects confidentiality
  • Effective communicator
  • Coachable – willing to work within the guidelines
  • Has time and availability

Responsibilities (what a Matching Advisor should do)


  • Attend Training Webinars (minimum two per year required)
  • Identify and build networks (geographic community, particular group or natural network)
  • Know and connect to the network
  • Keep confidentiality
  • Attend local and national Family Matching Education Seminars when possible
  • Establish and communicate your schedule of availability and preferred method of communication
  • Educate parents and Candidates – to develop understanding, know-how, confidence
  • Connect with BFM or BFD.
  • Know the content of both handbooks
  • Distribute handbooks

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