About True Love:


True Love is not about being served, but serving others. When God created His object partner of love in the beginning, He invested all of His energy, all of Himself, 100 percent. In this way God set the example of true love. In other words, God set the tradition of true love by exhausting Himself completely. This true love is the center of the cosmos. Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 3, p 270

Creating International, Interfaith, and Interracial couples

is possible if:


We are able to use a system, accessible by all, to create a very large pool of Candidates.

The Online Matching System has been serving members of the Unification Movement worldwide since October 2010. It is our offering. We want you to feel safe as you search for your Heavenly Spouse. We want you to be well prepared. We shall guide you as much or as little as you wish. You, the Candidate, are in charge.

Take care of yourself during this process. Think. Pray. Reflect. Involve your Matching Team. Creating healthy couples and families is the fastest way to build a world of everlasting peace.

Welcome all Unificationists

Be proud of who you are.


Young and old alike, members of the Unification Movement are welcome to register on OMS to find their Heavenly Spouse. You may have just become part of it a few years back, or, some of you might have parents who joined many years ago and are now following in their footsteps.

OMS provides a safe and principled environment that will allow you to search wisely for your Heavenly Spouse.

First Generation individuals (1st GEN) can be proud of who they are. They voluntarily chose to become Unificationists. They have made the effort to study the Divine Principle and modify their faith, becoming a member of a still very young but very much expanding Movement. They should be looked upon as extremely precious individuals who deserve respect and care. Let’s think this through: without the First Generation, there would be no Blessed Children (BC)!

It is not easy to understand the faith of another person. Many of our Blessed Children are finding their own path forward towards God, our Heavenly Parent. We all have the right to be proud of who we are, whether First Generation or Blessed Children. Let’s develop the humility to welcome and support each other—no matter our status—in our effort to grow and become the best individuals we can be, so that God can truly be proud of each and every one of us.

A few Q & A


How long is it going to take to find a suitable spouse?

Finding a spouse is neither a race nor a competition. Rushing and skipping part of the process won’t help. Regardless of one’s age and circumstance, the best way to find one’s heavenly spouse is to start at the beginning and overcome each obstacle as they come. It is important to keep focus and not put the tasks that are required on the back burner. At some point you will find yourself having to answer important questions about who you are, your faith, your family vision, and so on. Your essays are possibly the most important papers you will write in your whole life. Do it well and do it truthfully.

If you want me to give you a time frame, I would estimate six months to several years. In our experience, that is what it will take from the time you are a Candidate, not from the time you are thinking about becoming one. Please remember, you are not alone. None of us are. You have a plan for your life, so does God, our Heavenly Parent. Do your part so that God can do His part.

I am a man who is over 45 years old, what are my chances to find someone with whom I can still raise a family?

While it is possible for you to find someone around your same age, your chances to find someone young enough with whom to have at least one child will depend on the size of our pool of candidates and your requirements in the choice of a spouse. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going through the process and trying.

Let me approach the subject of the size of our pool of candidates. The membership of the Unification Movement worldwide is still quite small in comparison with many other religious groups. However, not small enough to not make a difference, therefore, word-of-mouth "advertising" is extremely important. If you are reading this and feel that this particular site is doing a good job, then please advertise it. Talk about it. Write about it—in a blog, through Social Media, etc.

While only a small percentage of our membership is currently registered through our site. OMS is willing, ready, and able to serve a large pool of candidates. OMS works very closely with every nation's Blessing Family Departments and do not override their leadership. Members and affiliates of the Unification Movement will not be turned down if they register on OMS. Each person will receive the support they need to find their heavenly spouse.

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