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General questions
Cheon Il Guk Incorporated (CIGI) is a privately owned not-for-profit organization created to support the "Online Matching System (OMS)", a service to help individuals who seek the Marriage Blessing search for their heavenly spouse. The relationship between CIGI, OMS and the Blessing Family Departments (BFDs) of the Unification Movement is one of mutual trust.

At the time of this writing, OMS is provided free of charge to all BFDs and their staff members. OMS does not override the leadership of the BFDs and each person listed as a "Candidate" for the Matching and Blessing has been approved by the BFD of their respective country. CIGI is not in charge of matching and blessing applications and does not provide that service.

Please download the following document: "How to View Flash Based Websites on an iPad" or follow the instruction below:

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  • Tap Select All from the menu that appears.
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  • From your iPad’s Home screen, launch your Flash compatible browser by tapping its icon.
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  • Now tap Go on the on screen keyboard.
  • The Flash site will now be visible on your iPad.
Yes! If you have been an active member of our community for a year or longer and are at least 20 years of age, this handbook (Finding the One) is for you. In order to begin your process we encourage you to use this handbook as a guide, and contact your local pastor about completing any required Blessing education.
Q&A most often asked
While pictures are very important, due to the degree of personal privacy we work to maintain on this online application, pictures will only be available for viewing when you have reached a certain stage in your search process. Additionally, since a person can be recognized through his or her picture, we want pictures to be handled very privately and respectfully.
  • A Limited Profile DOES NOT identify the individual.
  • A Limited Profile does not provide pictures, email address, physical address, phone # and other identifiable information. A Limited Profile does not even give the name of the pastor, sponsor, or advisor of the individual.
  • A Limited Profile gives information about:
    • Race and age
    • Education and work
    • Previous marriages and/or Blessings
    • Children
    • Answers to all the essay questions
  • A Limited Profile, if well written, will provide a pretty good idea of the kind of person who has written the profile and can therefore make an educated decision whether or not they would like to pursue knowing this person. That is the purpose of the Limited Profile.
  • A Full Profile contains all information listed on the Limited Profile plus pictures and all indentifying information provided through OMS.
Yes! The guidelines in this handbook are extremely helpful for anyone seeking to be matched and Blessed. If you are of another faith seeking to be Matched with a member of the Unificationist community, contact the local Unification Movement Pastor. They will be happy to assist you in finding and selecting a Matching Advisor. Your Advisor will guide you to qualify as a Candidate and develop your personal matching plan. They will assist you, connect you to the Online Matching System, and support you in finding your eternal spouse.
  • A Matching Supporter is a person who is willing to take responsibility to guide an individual from preparation for the Matching and Blessing, all the way to a successful Blessing. Matching Supporters are trusted with very private information and educated by the Blessing Family Departments to fulfill this responsibility. They have to keep themselves up-to-date on all the Matching and Blessing requirements and must have common sense and great sensitivity about the privacy of other people.
  • In the USA, Matching Supporters work with local representatives of the BFM and with local Pastors. However, Pastors and BFM reps are not necessarily Matching Supporters. Applicants should relate to a Matching Supporter whom they trust and who knows them well.
  • A Sponsor is someone who knows an Applicant well. A Sponsor should be able to vouch for the integrity and the character of the Applicant. A Sponsor is not a Matching Supporter and does not have to go through the trainings. A Sponsor can help the Matching Supporter because he or she understands an Applicant's qualifications and background. A Sponsor and the Matching Supporter help the Candidate in the search for a potential match.

OMS is a tool—simply a tool—to help you find the spouse of your choice.  You will be able to search for a spouse through OMS only if you are able to show intent and qualify for the Marriage Blessing. That is where the relationship between OMS and the Family Federation is important and necessary. Depending on your affiliation with FFWPU, your application will differ. It is up to you on how you want to proceed to:

  1. qualify and
  2. search for your spouse
Searching for a life partner is not an easy thing to do. Both sides have to be truthful about personal situations in regards to physical, mental, and social abilities as well as health. It is not possible to easily or deeply share that kind of information with a “stranger.” Such personal life details can be shared once a feeling of trust has been established. Anonymity can serve such trust building.

During a preliminary search, Candidates and their parents (if parents are involved) will have the option to read what OMS calls a Candidate’s “Limited Profile.” A Limited Profile does not reveal the identity of the candidate but, if well written, should provide enough information to give the reader a pretty good idea of the person’s character. The ability to ask questions about a Limited Profile via a private and secure anonymous email system is necessary to keep both sides honest and without the fear of being “discovered.”

That is the difference between OMS and the other systems available at this time.

The ability to request a Full Profile is another important focus. Once a Full Profile has been granted by the other party, both sides will focus on what the Family Matching Handbook refers to as the “Introduction Phase.” If, after some time, both parties no longer wish to continue the relationship, they can both simply email OMS of that intention. OMS will then reset each Candidate’s file so that the search for a different person can begin.
FAQ 10
Finding a spouse is neither a race nor a competition. Rushing and skipping part of the process won’t help. Regardless of one’s age and circumstance, the best way to find one’s heavenly spouse is to start at the beginning and overcome each obstacle as they come. It is important to keep focus and not put the tasks that are required on the back burner. At some point you will find yourself having to answer important questions about who you are, your faith, your family vision, and so on. Your essays are possibly the most important papers you will write in your whole life. Do it well and do it truthfully.

If you want me to give you a time frame, I would estimate six months to several years. In our experience, that is what it will take from the time you are a Candidate, not from the time you are thinking about becoming one. Please remember, you are not alone. None of us are. You have a plan for your life, so does God, our Heavenly Parent. Do your part so that God can do His part.
FAQ 11

Yes, you are not alone. Practicing one’s faith is a very private matter and no one should be judged for not practicing rituals for rituals sake. Rituals are there to support one’s faith, not dominate it.

Other questions of interest
FAQ 12
Yes! As stated in the overview, a minimum of one year of active membership and sexual abstinence is required to begin your Matching process. However, if you have yet to meet these requirements, reading this handbook will give you a clear understanding of how to proceed. We encourage you to use this time in your new life of faith to develop a good understanding of the Divine Principle and its application, as well as the importance of a spiritual life.
FAQ 13
Yes! If you joined the church with your parents, it’s natural that they may be involved in your Matching process. If parents are involved, you may choose to follow the process outlined in the Family Matching Handbook. The essential points of the Matching process in both handbooks are the same. The main difference is the family Matching process is supported by parents, whereas the Unificationist Matching process is supported by Matching Advisors. In both, you have ownership of your final matching decision. If your parents are supporting your process, you're not required to have a Matching Advisor; however, Advisors can help you in many ways. Likewise, if your parents are not actively involved, you need to seek the support of a Matching Advisor, and follow the guidelines in this handbook.
FAQ 14
  • Each site has a different purpose. Basically there are two purposes:
    • Proof of eligibility to be a Candidate (only one site)
      • There is only one site in the USA. It is the Blessing and Family Ministry at http://bfm.familyfed.org. That is where you will find the official online Matching and Blessing application. This online application only serves the North American continent at this time.
      • All the other BFDs have their own (pen and paper) applications.
    • Searching for a spouse (multiple sites)
      • Blessed Family Association (BFA). The oldest site, started by a group of Unificationists who desired to help other Unificationist families. It is funded through private donations and does not fall under the leadership of HSA-UWC. One of the services they provide is called, “Matchbook.” It is a database where children of Unificationists can search for their Heavenly Spouse.
      • The International Matching Site, established October 2007, falls under the umbrella of HSA-UWC. This site is a joint venture by the headquarters of the Unification Movements of Korea, Japan, Europe, and the United States. (It supports three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English.) It is a database where children of Unificationists can search for their Heavenly Spouse.
      • Online Matching System (The site through which you are reading this information) became live October 1st, 2010. This site is privately funded and, just like the BFA, does not fall under the leadership of HSA-UWC.
FAQ 15
While it is possible for you to find someone around your same age, your chances to find someone young enough with whom to have at least one child will depend on the size of our pool of candidates and your requirements in the choice of a spouse. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going through the process and trying.

Let me approach the subject of the size of our pool of candidates. The membership of the Unification Movement worldwide is still quite small in comparison with many other religious groups. However, not small enough to not make a difference, therefore, word-of-mouth "advertising" is extremely important. If you are reading this and feel that this particular site is doing a good job, then please advertise it. Talk about it. Write about it—in a blog, through Social Media, etc.

While only a small percentage of our membership is currently registered through our site. OMS is willing, ready, and able to serve a large pool of candidates. OMS works very closely with every nation's Blessing Family Departments and do not override their leadership. Members and affiliates of the Unification Movement will not be turned down if they register on OMS. Each person will receive the support they need to find their heavenly spouse.