Welcome Parents

Don't do it alone. We are here for you!

It's easy

Even if you are not computer literate you will be able to use OMS to keep track of your children's progress. You will also be able to assist your child's search, and send emails (anonymously) to the parents of potential Candidates.

It's private

OMS has been in live since October 2010. The privacy of our Candidates is paramount to the well-being of this website and its services. If you have any concern, please feel free to contact me (Anne-Marie Mylar) directly.

It's reliable

Automated emails to Applicants and Candidates allow us to make sure that:

  • Registered individuals are genuinely seeking the Marriage-Blessing of the True Parents
  • Their files are up-to-date
  • The give and take between Cheon Il Guk Incorporated and the various Blessing Family Departments around the world will provide OMS with the best available and most accurate data possible.

Note about registration for Parents

The person registering on OMS is always the individual seeking the Marriage-Blessing, not the parents. If the Candidate has parents involved, they can choose to enter their parents' information. If entered, a record of the parents automatically gets created . OMS staff gets notified and a welcome message is sent to the parents with their password and an explanation on how to use OMS.

If for some reason the Candidate does not enter his or her parents' information, then he/she will have to have to select a Matching Advisor.

No one on OMS becomes a Candidate without completing their Matching Candidate Application with the Blessing Family Ministry - USA or, if they are from a different region than North America, they must provide proof from their BFD that they are a qualified Candidate.

Private Emails

You will be able to email anonymously the parents of other Candidates and ask them questions important to you. As a parent, you will have the same privacy and anonymity if you so choose when you correspond with other parents.

This feature is extremely powerful and important so that no one is uncomfortable to share something that needs to be shared.

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