Meet Andrea Mylar

board member of CIGI




Daughter of Anne-Marie, she studied Japanese language and culture at UCLA and graduated in 2016. In addition she is self-studying the Korean language. Andrea is working full time as a marketing assistant in New Jersey. Andrea supports her mother's work through a helpful critical mind. She also inherited the entrepreneurial genes from both her parents.

  1. Born in 1990 #millennial
  2. Traveled to Korea (2015) for 40 days and Japan (2014) for two weeks.
  3. Visited Europe in 2011 as a luggage carrier for my mom when she attended the annual Europe BFD meeting.
  4. 100% fan of Asian culture and cuisine; currently trying to master Japanese and Korean languages and cooking.
  5. Always willing to help my mother with OMS and Cheon Il Guk Incorporated.

Short Bio


(Did a lot of college hopping before finally graduating from UCLA)

  • 2014 - University of California, Los Angeles - Majored in Japanese.
  • 2012 - University of Florida, Gainesville (1 year)
  • 2011 - Santa Fe Community College Gainesville (3 semesters)
  • 2009 - Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu (two years) - Majored in International Business

High School of the Pacific, Hawaii (four years)

The most powerful and meaningful experience of my life. In a school of at most 52 students, I graduated from the largest class (14 students). I was also 1 of 3 Americans attending this school; the majority of students came from Pacific island nations. Though not an easy experience, every student that I know loved this school and still continue to communicate with each other to this day. I too love and cherish this experience with all my heart. It was here that I made important friendships and discovered countries and cultures beyond the US that made me want to explore this world even more.

Employment History:

  • Exam Master – July 18 2016 to Present Marketing, account management, sales, and customer service assistant. Handled tracking of leads and clients communications and helped out in reaching out.
  • Godfather’s Pizza – February 2012 to May 2012. Customer service, store organization, and food preparation.
  • Pacific Rim Education Foundation and the High School of the Pacific - summer, 2010
  • High School of the Pacific – summer, 2008

Skill set:

  • Software Proficiency: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Design: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
  • Databases: QuickBooks and Quickbase
  • Languages: Japanese (intermediate) and currently self-studying Korean

Other interest:

  • Traveling: France, England, Germany, Spain, Korea, and Japan
  • Film Making: filmed leadership conferences, created two promotional videos, and entered video into a local film contest
  • Cooking: Japanese and Korean Cuisine (self-taught).