Crescentia DeGoede

board member




Crescentia DeGoede  was appointed by True Mother in July 2013 as the Director of the National Blessing and Family Ministry for North America. She has been serving in this role since. The BFM provides education and support for individuals and families in the Matching process and prepares couples to receive the Marriage Blessing, as well as, offers marriage and family enrichment programs and crises support services to individuals and families throughout America.

 Crescentia and the BFM are grateful for the services OMS offers to support singles in finding their Heavenly Spouse, and is proud to serve on the Cheon Il Guk Incorporated Board.

Crescentia went through the Family Matching Process and received the Marriage Blessing with Leighton DeGoede in October 2010. Crescentia and Leighton and their two young children reside in Bloomfield, NJ.

  1. Graduated from Arcadia University with a B.S. in sociology
  2. Has been involved in the leadership of the Shehaqua Family Ministry programs since July 2007
  3. Member of the Blessed Families Association Board