Meet anne-marie mylar

founder of the online matching system




Originally a registered nurse,  Anne-Marie was involved in business activities with FFWPU from 1973 to 2009 when she changed her focus from business to filling the social void that she noticed growing within the Unification community at large. Hence, the birth of the Online Matching System (OMS).

Anne-Marie is the founder and administrator of OMS, a web application she created in order to help brothers and sisters of the Unification faith to connect with one another. Today, this web application helps single Unificationists, regardless of their generation, to find an ideal spouse that they can go to the Blessing with. Also, because of her passion and dedication to God’s providence and the work of True Parents, Anne-Marie has successfully made the OMS available to affiliated members as well.

As the administrator of the OMS and the founder of the Cheon Il Guk Incorporated, which is the non-profit organization sheltering OMS, Anne-Marie is a full volunteer with the BFM - USA national staff.

  1. Born and raised in France
  2. Came to the USA December 12, 1972 with 120 other European Unificationist missionaries
  3. Blessed July 1st, 1982 at Madison Square Garden
  4. Spent most of 1982 in Bangui, Central Africa Republic
  5. Worked in Kona, Hawaii from 2004 to 2012

Short Bio

When I speak publicly I like to say that my credentials are as follows:

  • As of January 2018:
  • I am 66 years old
  • I have been a Unificationist for 45 years
  • I have been a wife for 34 years
  • I have been a mother for 27 years

Important dates:

  • 1970 – Graduated from Nursing School in La Rochelle, France
  • 1994 – With my husband founded EXAM MASTER Corporation
  • 2005 – Created the website to serve Unificationist membership in their need for counseling – (A “Dear Abby” kind of site where members could anonymously ask questions about various subjects and receive a principled guided answer)
  • 2006 – Invested fully with High School of the Pacific (HSP was created by True Parents)
  • 2009 – Founded the Online Matching System
  • 2011 – Refocused to present the Online Matching System.

Past and current positions:

  • Christian Bernard (Church related jewelry company) – 9 years in the factory and office
  • World Mission Department – 9 months in Africa and 4 years at the WMD office in New York City, keeping track of the missionaries overseas.
  • High School of the Pacific (High school in Hawaii, created by the True Parents) – Assistant to the President and Administrative Assistant to the Principal
  • EXAM MASTER Corporation – Executive, owner, and holding presently the position of Treasurer
  • Cheon Il Guk Incorporated – President
  • Blessing Family Ministry – USA – matching supporter coordinator and senior matching supporter

Skill set:

  • Computer literacy – Advanced
  • Communication skills – Very efficient and timely responses to all emails and phone calls

Other skills:

Accounting, website design, and online databases

Social skills:

  • Team leader – I have been in a position of leadership for many years through EXAM MASTER and the High School of the Pacific. I have a strong personality that may intimidate people who do not know me; however, it has been proven many times over that once people start working with me, we create a good team.
  • Team member – I have worked since January 2009 with the Blessing and Family Ministry - USA because of OMS and believe that I am considered to be a reliable team member, not over powering, able to listen and understand different point of views and able to work with them.


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