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What's New:

New website for OMS

demoThank you so much, all of you for your support in the last seven years.  This is our third "new look".  Your feedback are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to see, what you want to read and we shall try to provide it to the best of our abilities.

Updated: November, 16 2016


From Candidates:

demoThank you. This letter really helped free me up. I felt really understood as a young first gen. It is the reason I haven't been working on my process recently. It hurt my self-esteem and was stopping me from seeing my true value to God and his plan to restore the world. I also have grown in my understanding of the heart it takes for the advisors to provide a suggestion to me and I will respect that much more moving forward.

I truly appreciate your concern and investment in OMS. At this time I'm waiting patiently to be interviewed by a sister in my hometown. Without your support and enthusiasm, I believe working through details to become a candidate would have overwhelmed me. Although I began this process in 2010, and just now feel close to becoming a candidate after 4 1/2 years, I've learned quite a bit from my Heavenly Parent about patience and sincerity.

Thank you for your constancy, effort and example. I have a dog, and it touched my heart that you showed a picture of your dog and cat in the newsletter. It is amazing how much help pets, and the creation overall have been in this family, and in helping my son and I manage stress and conflicts. He is over 15 now, but I wish I'd thought of getting a dog to walk and for my son to interact with at an earlier juncture in our life. Perhaps that's why you included their picture? Our dog is the one member of our family that we can always count on to make us laugh with or at her or at one another!

When I finally get all parts of the BFM application completed, I'll begin again on the OMS site. It can't hurt to be as thorough as possible.



From Pastors.

demoThis is great. I feel this is really precious. I want to share it with the young first gen in our community, all of whom are currently going through matching education. I feel you really highlighted some concerns they have and your words were soothing. I will share this with the community as I feel that not enough people are even aware of OMS, let alone your heart and investment behind the project.

Thank you, Thank you.


About the Name Cheon Il Guk

Cheon Il Guk means:

Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity.  In this case the word "Nation" does not mean a geographic location on our planet.  It means a group of people who live in accordance with God's Principle of True Love and True Service.

About OMS

OMS Stands for Online Matching System.

OMS is a tool - simply a tool to help in the search of one's Heavenly Spouse.  OMS does not make or control the requirements necessary for anyone to receive the Marriage-Blessing.  OMS simply wants to facilitate the ability to find someone with similar life Principles.  OMS is the perfect tool for this purpose due to its relationship with the various Blessing Family Departments of FFWPU across the world and its dedication to respect and uphold the principles that lead this world wide movement.

About This Website

In the Beginning:

The website www.Cheon-Il-Guk.org was created in 2005 to provide general guidance and counseling to our Unification Church membership. In September 2009 the idea of creating an online matching system (OMS) was born. It took many months to make it a reality.

The notion of refining the online system to serve matching candidates was presented to the director of the Blessed Family Department, USA, and was well received by the entire BFD staff. Working together, the staff of www.Cheon-Il-Guk.org and the Blessed Family Department decided that the initial focus of this new matching system would be to serve the needs of our 1st generation members, Jacob Children, and Associate Members.

OMS was official launch October 1st, 2010 but the official letter from the BFD came December 7.

Cheon Il Guk Incorporated is a Delaware corporation which was establish in May of 2011 to facilitate the services provided through this website.

The Growing Years:

From October 2010 to January 2013 the Online Matching System grew steadily. By 2011 Anne-Marie Mylar was invited to the European yearly meeting of all BFDs and was able to present OMS to a group of about 20 people coming from 13 different European countries. From the beginning, Europe and South American blessing family departments recognized the value of this application and used it on a regular basis. See Pictures

From January 2013 to mid-year a great amount of money was invested to add new features to the application. A private email system was incorporated were candidates can ask each other questions without having to reveal their identity. This is very helpful to understand clearly what someone might have written on one of the essay questions. Additional features where incorporated to the “request for a full profile.”

In January 2014 the filing for Public Charity Status to the Internal Revenue Service was completed. By Early summer we received a favorable review and now Cheon Il Guk Incorporated is an official non-for-profit organization that can receive funds that won’t be taxable and for which the donor can receive a tax deduction.

Where we're going:

Back in 2009, our vision of OMS was to serve all Unificationists in the task of finding their heavenly spouse. Although this vision has not changed, the scope of our services has broadened to include all individuals who seek the marriage-blessing for the sake of building a healthy family, a safe environment for their children, a supportive community and a peaceful world.

We welcome applicants for interracial, interfaith, international, and intercontinental marriage-blessings for the sake of humankind.

In addition to OMS, Cheon Il Guk Incorporated is helping in the financing of the French translations of the Family Matching Handbook and Finding the One. These two handbooks are an extremely important read for anyone who wants to find the right partner to build an eternal relationship of true love.

For the past couple of years, through Cheon Il Guk Incorporated (CIGI) a Yammer community (by invitation only) was built to allow matching advisors from around the world to communicate about their work freely and safely.

In October 2014, another Yammer community was created through CIGI to attend to and support Unification Members on the continent of Africa. This community is also by invitation only. Bit by bit more online communities are being created. If you are interested in any of them please contact us via our contact page.

On April 1, 2015, we also extended our OMS services to all adult children of Unificationists. Before that time, there were only two other sites with online matching systems available to them. It is our hope that with the sometimes only subtle changes we have made to the overall online application and matching processes, we will be better able to serve and meet the growing needs of our young adult community.

"Parents will have the opportunity through OMS to discuss with other parents anonymously just like their children will have the opportunity to do so with other candidates." to "With OMS, parents of applicants also have the ability to communicate anonymously with each other when their children are considering each other as a possible match."

Why the Privacy?

Searching for a life partner is not an easy thing to do. Both sides have to be truthful about personal situations in regards to physical, mental, and social abilities as well as health. It is not possible to easily or deeply share that kind of information with a “stranger”. Such personal life details can be shared once a feeling of trust has been established. Anonymity can serve such trust building.

During a preliminary search, candidates and their parents will have the option to read what OMS calls a candidate’s “Limited Profile.” A Limited Profile does not reveal the identity of the candidate but, if well written, should provide enough information to give the reader a pretty good idea of the person’s character. The ability to ask questions about a Limited Profile via a private and secure anonymous email system is necessary to keep both sides honest and without the fear of being “discovered”.

That is the difference between OMS and the other systems available at this time are.

The ability to request a Full Profile is another important focus. Once a full profile has been granted by the other party, both sides will focus on what the Family Matching Handbook refers to as the “Introduction Phase.” If, after some time, both parties no longer wish to continue the relationship, they can both simply email OMS of that intention. OMS will then reset each candidate’s file so that the search for a different person can begin.

In late 2015:

Widows and widowers is a growing community. Companionship is important at any age but especially as some people reach the golden years.  The board of Cheon Il Guk Incorporated feels that there is no reason why one should spend it alone.

In addition, some young Unificationist families who suffered the loss of one parent and have young children may benefit from finding a partner with whom to share their physical life and co-parent their children. OMS is there for them.

In the works for 2017:

Lastly and very much in need of support is the community called Special Needs. This encompasses individuals with mild to very serious mental and/or physical challenges. The board of Cheon Il Guk Incorporated is now considering how we can also accommodate the need for safe and successful matches in this segment of our worldwide community.




Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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