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What is OMS?

Online Matching System (OMS) is a service provided by Cheon Il Guk Incorporated to the Blessed Family Departments of Unificationists worldwide.

OMS works in conjunction with the various Blessed Family Departments and does not override their authority. OMS is simply a tool to facilitate the matching and blessing of unificationists according to their faith.

Blessing and Family Ministry

The matching and blessing of unificationists is only one of the services that the Blessing and Family Ministry  in the United States provides to its members.

Other services provided are:

  • Counseling
  • Treasures of Heaven
  • Adoption
  • Getting Back on Track

 -and more...!  Don't forget to visit the website.

Why use OMS?

Because there is nothing else like it out there
  • It is free
  • It is reliable
  • BFD supports it and encourages its use
  • Applicants and candidates are in complete control of their information

What happens to my information once it is not needed any more?

It is deleted.

Who is OMS?

Anne-Marie Mylar, designed OMS in September of 2009.  OMS became live October 1st, 2010.  Summer 2011, Anne-Marie was invited to Europe to present OMS to the BFDs representatives at their yearly meeting.  She is currently the sole administrator of OMS.  She works in cooperation with the BFD - USA.


Other services of value to matching and blessing candidates of all categories

Matching Mentor is part blog, part Webzine … the idea came out of a discussion between two married friends, who also happened to be “matching advisers”. In sharing about the experience of advising their single friends and peers, they came to the conclusion that there just wasn’t enough encouragement, information and support for single Unificationists who are looking to get matched. .........

“Your ideal partner is the person who will be your companion on the road to the ideal world.”
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Blessed Family Association

The BFA Website is supported by our members! It's easy to post an article for News, Calendar, Family events or whatever! Share good news with others around the country or join a discussion group.

BFA is also the home of MatchBook.

The BFA matching network is designed to help Blessed families share information for the matching of their children.