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If humanity had become one with God at the beginning of history, we would have formed true families and practiced love that gives and gives again. We would already have formed a true nation and world of peace.
Sun Myung Moon 1995.08.22.


What's New:

New website for OMS

demoThank you so much, all of you for your support in the last seven years.  This is our third "new look".  Your feedback are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to see, what you want to read and we shall try to provide it to the best of our abilities.

Updated: November, 16 2016


From Candidates:

demoThank you. This letter really helped free me up. I felt really understood as a young first gen. It is the reason I haven't been working on my process recently. It hurt my self-esteem and was stopping me from seeing my true value to God and his plan to restore the world. I also have grown in my understanding of the heart it takes for the advisors to provide a suggestion to me and I will respect that much more moving forward.

I truly appreciate your concern and investment in OMS. At this time I'm waiting patiently to be interviewed by a sister in my hometown. Without your support and enthusiasm, I believe working through details to become a candidate would have overwhelmed me. Although I began this process in 2010, and just now feel close to becoming a candidate after 4 1/2 years, I've learned quite a bit from my Heavenly Parent about patience and sincerity.

Thank you for your constancy, effort and example. I have a dog, and it touched my heart that you showed a picture of your dog and cat in the newsletter. It is amazing how much help pets, and the creation overall have been in this family, and in helping my son and I manage stress and conflicts. He is over 15 now, but I wish I'd thought of getting a dog to walk and for my son to interact with at an earlier juncture in our life. Perhaps that's why you included their picture? Our dog is the one member of our family that we can always count on to make us laugh with or at her or at one another!

When I finally get all parts of the BFM application completed, I'll begin again on the OMS site. It can't hurt to be as thorough as possible.



From Pastors.

demoThis is great. I feel this is really precious. I want to share it with the young first gen in our community, all of whom are currently going through matching education. I feel you really highlighted some concerns they have and your words were soothing. I will share this with the community as I feel that not enough people are even aware of OMS, let alone your heart and investment behind the project.

Thank you, Thank you.

The Matching Process

Don't go blind!

  • Be well prepared!
  • Know what you want and what you do not want.
  • Be the best spouse that you can be.

The process will do that for you.  It will help you know what you truly seek in the marriage blessing and help you get there.


The Application

YES... you have too...

The matching candidate application accomodate many type of circonstances.  If you do not find what you need, please contact your local matching advisor.

Click here for North American online application


Matching Advisors

Volunteers are an email and or phone call away!

A Matching Advisor is someone who is trustworthy, a good listener, respects your confidentiality and is an effective communicator. They are trained to outreach,and connect you to, candidates from around the world. Continue reading...


Parents, Sponsors, and Advocates

Your matching team!

Parents, sponsors, and advocates are important assets to someone who is seriously looking for a spouse.  Don't do it alone - It is hard work!

Involved people who love and care about you, they are there waiting for you to ask.

Don't let them down, they probably need you as must as you need them.





What does CIGI offers today...

OMS (Online Matching System)

At this point in time OMS is the most important service that Cheon Il Guk Incorporated offers to anyone who is interested in the Marriage-Blessing of The True Parents.


Communication between numerous group of people is being facilitated by CIGI through the use of Yammer.

  • Matching Advisors
  • Vision 2020
  • "La Famile" in Africa

Beyong North America

Cheon Il Guk Incorporated works with all Blessed Family Departments worldwide.  Team work, cooperation, kindness and willingness to go beyond our confort zone is what will make all of us succeed the way God meant it when He gave us life.  See Pictures

Behind the Scenes

In order to provide the kind of service that Cheon Il Guk is trying to provide a lot of thoughts, meetings, travels, money, and prayers come into be.  I promisse you, we can always use more prayers.  Keep us in mind, heart, and prayers so we will do what it is we need to do to make finding an heavenly spouse absolutely possible for everyone.

Widows and Widowers

I am a widow.  My husband ascended to the spiritual world on October 4, 2012.  We were not afraid of death and each other knew what most likely would happen when the first one would have to go.

I am not alone.  I would not do well if I was.  I invited a couple to live with me.  They were friends of us, my husband knew them well, and I know that he is  happy for me.

Sometimes, especially after a certain age, companionship is what we are looking for and if we can help you in finding that companion so that you are not alone, we want to do it.  Don't be shy and write to me and let me know how you would like us to help you.

Widows and widowers are not always senior citizens and when one loses a spouse at a young age, many times children are invovled.  There are no reason why you should remain alone.  We can help you find a "like kind" individual who would also want and need a life long companion to help you raise children and be a companion and soul mate.

Many Links...

You will find on this site many links to other website especially link to the Blessing Family Ministry - USA, link to Blessed Family Association, and others.  We provide these link as a service to our readers because we believe it is a good and right thing to do.




Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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