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Dear Everyone,

As you may have noticed, I do not send newsletters regularly. I only write when I sense it is time, and I have something important and valuable to share with you. For most of us can agree, it is too easy to be inundated by newsletters or other materials to read these days!

This newsletter is being sent to all Applicants and Candidates listed on OMS, their parents if listed too, their matching supporters, their sponsors, and their pastors. In addition, some other individuals have opted to receive the newsletter on their own, so they will receive it too.

This particular newsletter took much longer to write than expected, three weeks actually because of its multiple re-writes due to its sensitives topics. In the end my goal, is to be of help to anyone who is searching for their eternal, heavenly spouse. A task that is meant for a god but is actually in our own hands. We need much courage, faith, diligence, and hard work to accomplish it. So, we need all the help we can muster.

Let me share with you a case that I am currently working on to help you better understand what my role is in the matching process and how OMS distinguishes itself from the other services that are currently available.


A Story about Looking for a Match for a BC Candidate:


As you may know already, I am a matching supporter and have been one since 2010. I also work as a volunteer at the national level with the Blessing and Family Ministry. Furthermore, I am the creator and administrator of the Online Matching System.

For the past couple of months, I have been debating on how to help a young woman (BC) to find her heavenly spouse. I have been working with her matching supporter and things are not going well for the following reasons:

  1. The Matching supporter is not computer savvy (like many of us older ladies and gents)—one of the reasons why I am helping.
  2. For security and privacy reasons, I am not willing to send complete profiles of gentlemen to the MA via the internet.
  3. The BC’s parents have only two gentlemen presented to them, at this time.
Though I have known these facts for a while, I did not fully understand the impact of what it meant for parents. For the first time, I realized how limited parents were in their access to candidate profiles.


So, a senior Matching Supporter like myself who has access to a lot more people than parents do, I asked myself how I can best help this situation. What specific things can I do to assist this young woman’s goal of finding her ideal spouse?

  1. I reviewed a list of available gentlemen in her age range¾(there are 8 of them)!
  2. Copied the profile of each into a separate Word document.
  3. Deleted their private information: pictures, email, phone, name and address.
  4. Created a spreadsheet that contains the exact name of the 8 gentlemen along with the file name created for their Limited Profile, so that her Matching Supporter and I can keep all profiles straight.


one more thing I have to do even before doing steps 2 through 4:

  • Find out whether these “active” gentlemen are actually “active” or are they not active anymore and their profile was never updated.

Have you ever contacted a set of parents about the status of their adult child registered as a candidate for the Matching who was marked “active” only to discover that the adult child was actually already blessed? I have.

Parents should be able to see all available candidates in a safe manner and feel comfortable that the profile of their adult children is seen by all the parents that are searching.


The OMS Differences:


Here is how OMS works differently from the other two venues. OMS has two levels of profiles¾limited and full. OMS has an anonymous messaging system allowing candidates to anonymously ask questions to other candidates about their profile and more. The same messaging system is also designed to accommodate parents to do the same thing¾parents to parents. It works. I guarantee you, it works. 1st Generation have been using the system successfully for several years now.

Why use a limited profile? What is the purpose? Read below.

How it works and why

Privacy of information

The interesting thing about searching for a spouse is this: on one hand, you want as much information as possible from the person you are interested in. On the other hand, you want to reveal the least amount of information about yourself, just in case things don't work out.

How do we do that

By the use of limited profile(s) and an in-house system of anonymous email you can protect your identity and at the same time seek all the information you need to know from the other person, and the other person will do the same about you.

What is a limited Profile

A limited profile gives information about: Race, age, nationality, education, and work. Previous marriages and/or blessings, Children Answers to all the Essay questions.

If you wrote your essays carefully, a limited profile will keep your private information inaccessible. No one will see your pictures, name, physical address, phone number, or email. They will not even know who your matching supporter is and/or sponsors and parents.

How does the email system work?

If you are reading the limited profile of someone and are truly interested in this person but do not entirely understand what that person is trying to say through the various questions answered, you may ask for clarification via a secure, anonymous, in-house email system. That person can choose to respond to your questions and remain anonymous. This is a feature that is extremely important when debating whom you would like to know more.

What happens if I like someone?

Requesting a full profile.

After reading several limited profiles and exchanging emails with possibly several individuals, you may find yourself wanting to actually pursue one particular person. You liked the limited profile, your questions were answered to your liking and you just feel that it is time to make a move forward.

At this point, you can request the full profile of this other candidate. And this person will then have the ability to grant or deny access to their full profile. Same with you, someone may very well be interested in you and you may get an email at some point about someone requesting access to your full profile. You will also be able to grant or deny that request.

Think about it!

If you grant someone access to your profile or someone grants you access to their profile then things will go forward from there in accordance with the process that you choose in your matching plan.

If you deny someone access to your profile or someone denies you access to their profile, you do not know each other. Your information has remained private. You can find yourself at an adult retreat in the future and be sitting next to that person but there will be no strange and awkward feelings because you do not know who that person is and he/she does not know you either.

Below, you are presented with two pictures that show you a list of applicants (1st GEN and BCs) on OMS. The names have been hidden on purpose. It is my wish that each of these individuals find the spiritual, mental, and physical energy to do what is necessary for them to become a candidate. It is only in the mind that it is burdensome. In reality it takes a maximum of 3 months from beginning to end to complete a matching application and an OMS profile. If you do have a college degree, you know how hard it is to get it. Should the investment towards finding your life partner be less?

The story at the beginning of this newsletter would be non-existent if every eligible candidate was listed on OMS.

With gratitude, always,


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Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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