Widows and Widowers

We are forever a growing group of people. Some of us still young and raising children. Others are, or becoming, empty nesters. And some of us, never had the opportunity to raise a family.


What's New:

New website for OMS

demoThank you so much, all of you for your support in the last seven years.  This is our third "new look".  Your feedback are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to see, what you want to read and we shall try to provide it to the best of our abilities.

Updated: November, 16 2016


From Candidates:

demoThank you. This letter really helped free me up. I felt really understood as a young first gen. It is the reason I haven't been working on my process recently. It hurt my self-esteem and was stopping me from seeing my true value to God and his plan to restore the world. I also have grown in my understanding of the heart it takes for the advisors to provide a suggestion to me and I will respect that much more moving forward.

I truly appreciate your concern and investment in OMS. At this time I'm waiting patiently to be interviewed by a sister in my hometown. Without your support and enthusiasm, I believe working through details to become a candidate would have overwhelmed me. Although I began this process in 2010, and just now feel close to becoming a candidate after 4 1/2 years, I've learned quite a bit from my Heavenly Parent about patience and sincerity.

Thank you for your constancy, effort and example. I have a dog, and it touched my heart that you showed a picture of your dog and cat in the newsletter. It is amazing how much help pets, and the creation overall have been in this family, and in helping my son and I manage stress and conflicts. He is over 15 now, but I wish I'd thought of getting a dog to walk and for my son to interact with at an earlier juncture in our life. Perhaps that's why you included their picture? Our dog is the one member of our family that we can always count on to make us laugh with or at her or at one another!

When I finally get all parts of the BFM application completed, I'll begin again on the OMS site. It can't hurt to be as thorough as possible.



From Pastors.

demoThis is great. I feel this is really precious. I want to share it with the young first gen in our community, all of whom are currently going through matching education. I feel you really highlighted some concerns they have and your words were soothing. I will share this with the community as I feel that not enough people are even aware of OMS, let alone your heart and investment behind the project.

Thank you, Thank you.

Important developments

stay tune...


Make sure you read all the content of the BFM -USA website on the topic concerning blessed widows and widowers as the rules and regulations are very fluid and changing.



You are not alone

Give and take is life giving.

Early 2015 the Blessing and Family Ministry - USA sent a survey to all Unificationist Pastors in United States in order to better understand the situation of the Unificationist widows and widowers.


OMS and the Comfort Blessing


OMS does not make Unificationist rules

Comfort Blessing is a ceremony that pertains to Unificationists who have a blessed spouse already in the spiritual world. It is best to check with your own BFD for the latest news on Comfort Blessing.

The only thing that OMS can provide for you is a safe vehicle to find a potential spouse if and when the Comfort Blessing might be available.

Finding a spouse who may be parenting your own children or be a companion in your old age cannot be rushed. Therefore OMS for Comfort Blessing purposes will remain open for registration and candidacy.


Login information


Please LOGIN here or go to the login page on this website and select Register if you have not yet registered or login as a candidate if your registration is complete.


Quote from the BFM - USA


"At the present time True Mother has expressed concern about widowed members receiving the comfort blessing. She has received reports of ascended spouses having difficulty with their earthly spouse receiving a comfort blessing. Therefore comfort blessing can only occur with True Mother’s expressed permission. For questions and concerns regarding the comfort blessing, please contact BFM Family Care Ministries Manager, Steve Honey at shoney@unification.org."





Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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