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A Matching Advisor is someone who is trustworthy, a good listener, respects your confidentiality and is an effective communicator.


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demoThank you so much, all of you for your support in the last seven years.  This is our third "new look".  Your feedback are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to see, what you want to read and we shall try to provide it to the best of our abilities.

Updated: November, 16 2016


From Candidates:

demoThank you. This letter really helped free me up. I felt really understood as a young first gen. It is the reason I haven't been working on my process recently. It hurt my self-esteem and was stopping me from seeing my true value to God and his plan to restore the world. I also have grown in my understanding of the heart it takes for the advisors to provide a suggestion to me and I will respect that much more moving forward.

I truly appreciate your concern and investment in OMS. At this time I'm waiting patiently to be interviewed by a sister in my hometown. Without your support and enthusiasm, I believe working through details to become a candidate would have overwhelmed me. Although I began this process in 2010, and just now feel close to becoming a candidate after 4 1/2 years, I've learned quite a bit from my Heavenly Parent about patience and sincerity.

Thank you for your constancy, effort and example. I have a dog, and it touched my heart that you showed a picture of your dog and cat in the newsletter. It is amazing how much help pets, and the creation overall have been in this family, and in helping my son and I manage stress and conflicts. He is over 15 now, but I wish I'd thought of getting a dog to walk and for my son to interact with at an earlier juncture in our life. Perhaps that's why you included their picture? Our dog is the one member of our family that we can always count on to make us laugh with or at her or at one another!

When I finally get all parts of the BFM application completed, I'll begin again on the OMS site. It can't hurt to be as thorough as possible.



From Pastors.

demoThis is great. I feel this is really precious. I want to share it with the young first gen in our community, all of whom are currently going through matching education. I feel you really highlighted some concerns they have and your words were soothing. I will share this with the community as I feel that not enough people are even aware of OMS, let alone your heart and investment behind the project.

Thank you, Thank you.

Curious about what an MA is and does?  Read below:

A) The role of Matching Advisors:

  • Become educated in the process, best practices, and available tools of matching.
    • Thoroughly know the matching handbooks
    • Be certified as a matching advisor
    • Be technically savvy with the OMS, Matchbook and the BFD international websites
  •  Be a guide through the process for parents, BC’s, church leaders and new members.
  •  Matching advisors may choose to specialize in one or more categories:
    • Blessed Children matching (BC)
    • First generation (1G)
    • International (Int)
    • and More...

B) Characteristics of a good matching advisor

  • Feels called by God to this mission
  • Good Listener – To candidates and families
  • Trustworthy
  • Connector/Knows people and situations
  • Respects confidentiality
  • Effective communicator
  • Coachable – willing to work within the guidelines
  • Has time and availability

C) Responsibilities (What a matching advisor should do)

  • Attend all Training Webinars (Minimum 2 per year required)
  • Identify and build your networks (geographic community, particular group or natural network)
  • Know and connect to the network of the matching advisors (MA)
  • Attend all convocations when possible
  • MA’s, once certified, should be recognized and announced
  • Establish and communicate your schedule of availability and method of communication
  • Education of parents and candidates – to develop understanding, know-how, confidence
  • MA reports to BFM or BFD.
  • Distribute Handbooks – make them available and know the content
  • When a candidate or family requests your help begin with careful interviews. (with candidate separately and then with the parents)
    • God works through unity. Our first goal as an MA is to build family unity, cooperation and communication;
    • Understand and identify candidate’s priorities, goals, expectations – age range, race, international, language, degree of purity, education level, openness to special situations, “Deal Breakers”, etc.
    • Understand family circumstances – parent’s unity and communication, parent – candidate unity and communication, faith perspective and attitude toward matching and blessing, etc.
    • Use interview questions; candidates alone, parents alone, together
    • Make a clear process “family matching plan” that all parties agree to
    • Respect and maintain confidentiality

More information about the role and matching advisors can be found on the following two handbooks:



BFM Matching Advisor Support Team:

Marjorie Buessing

Marjorie is located on the upper East Coast of the USA.  She is a very talented and experienced matching advisor.  She is one of the author of the Family Maching Handbook and Finding the One Handbook.  Her expertise is very helpful in raising many new qualified advisors.  She is the proud owner of many successful matches.

John Abelseth

John is located on the West Coast of Canada.  In addition to be a well practiced matching advisor he is also in charge of the Blessing Family Department in Canada.  His computer skills allows him to be an administrator on Matchbook.  Any questions about Matchbook goes to him.  John and Jan (below) instigated webinars titled, "Marriage Enrichment" to support families.  First in Canada, today their webinars extend to the whole North American continent.

Jan DeGoede

Jan is located in Seattle, WA.  Don't be fooled by the hat, he is quite computer litterate and therefore an administrator on Matchbook.  He is a very dedicated matching advisor and dedicated to keep track of all of our webinars and the education that they provide.

Anne-Marie Mylar

Founder of Cheon Il Guk Incorporated and creator of this website and of the Online Matching System (OMS).  I have been a matching advisor since June of 2010.  Any questions about the use of OMS comes to me.  I am dedicated to make OMS the most useful and user friendly tool in the search and find of heavenly spouses.





Cheon Il Guk Incorporated will cease to exist when it ceases to serve.

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